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Tuesday, 1 March 2011

Penang and me

Me and Pidus

3 Mac 2011 - Pulau Pinang does hold a very special place in my heart. Although I am not a Penangites of origins, the island does really encapsulates my inner feelings towards the beauty of life. I still remember the year and my first photographic memory when I first set my eyes on the island as the plane circling Teluk Kumbar to land at the Bayan Lepas airport. It was the year of 2005.

The view from the plane that I took on that particular morning brought along the intention of my purpose heading to Penang. It was my 24th birthday, December 5 and the sole intention was to meet a special friend of mine. But the destiny was written that I should met my true love, not the people but the island itself.

Not everybody understand Penang as much as I do. The island has been a beacon of freedom for everyone that have stepped foot on it. Since the day the King Solomon's ship set their quest for gold to the Mount Ophir or the day Francis Light decided to annexed Penang as the Prince of Wales island and brought free trade along with its multiracial community to Penang, the island has grown to be an exquisite form of beautiful pedestal for those that worked hard to achieve their life objectives.

It has been a stepping stone to many glorious Malaysian in achieving life's success. Penang will always offers a perspectives for those that seeks a meaning towards life. The splendid architecture, the open politics, the gentlemen's court, tremendous opportunities for self educations and the tropical splendor just describes how unique Penang is.

I always long to be in Penang, perhaps one day I shall live a simple life in Penang. In the good old days Penang used to be a bustling and glorious place to live and for business opportunities. The politics of Penang are different from any part of Malaysia. Their inhabitants tends to be more open and pragmatic in accepting changes. Those days, it used to be non-communal in Penang despite your creed background. People were appreciated because they deserved to be appreciated.

I certainly have fall in love with the Penang ambience's. You shall not get it from anywhere else but in Penang itself. So whenever I have a free time I would make that almost 500km travels from Kuala Lumpur to Penang. And whenever I left Penang, I will always left a piece of my heart that keeps growing each day for the place itself. As if that piece keeps calling me to always come back to Penang. And it calls me now... How I miss Penang!~


nandre said...

Penang memang best untuk dilawati bro..

jangan lepaskan peluang dan masa untuk pekena pasemboq penang mari punya... memang layan cendoi mamak.

Teddy said...


I'm buying the latest memoir by Tun.. can u please help me in getting his signature at the first page? I'll leave the book at the guard house at PLF.. please.. really appreciate ur help.


Faces of Tun Teddy

Faces of Tun Teddy