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Sunday, 3 July 2011

Multiracial is Malaysia's strength

Teddy standing besides the late Tan Sri Abdul Rahman Hashim (former Inspector General of Police) official car where he was assasinated by the Communist Killer Squad on his way to Bukit Aman in 1974.

1. As I was reading the book written by Dato' Seri Yuen Yuet Leng, I did notice that Malaysian today have forgot the real struggle for our nation's independence. The sacrifices made by all walks of life disregard of race, creed and religion those days were seen as a one race struggle for independence. Yes indeed, the price of independence doesn't come cheap, we have gone through many decades of bewilderment and confusing times. We also have emerged from the trial and error period where national socialist agenda would bring ruins then greater good.

2. As Dato' Seri Yuen Yuet Leng describes through his memoir, if it's not because of the Malay's King consent to extend the citizenship in 1957 to other races (Chinese and Indians), Malaysia would not be as it is today. The Chinese citizens wouldn't have anywhere else to go except go back to China (as did Yuen when he explored China for opportunities back in 1946 to no avail), or maybe the Indian community that should be send back to India (as did some of them in 1930s during the depression period).

3. However, Malaysia have overcame the obstacle and did went beyond race back in the 1950s. Everybody in that era did agreed, without the sheer strength of national unity, we would not be as develop as we are today. Yuen did recalled how he shed tears when Tunku Abdul Rahman hail the words merdeka during the proclamation of independence. The bottom line is, Malaysia's independence is for everyone to enjoy and treasure disregard of race, creed or religion.

4. And when Malaysia went through turbulent periods of Emergency (1948-1960), all races unite in dealing with the Communist problems. All races have been through the hardship of the emergency period. Everybody seems to lost their beloved family either through the Communist ambush or the intimidation to support the lost cause. Needless to say the Commonwealth forces that do give up their life to fight the war in the jungles of Malaysia. Malaysia lost many good peoples such as Tan Sri Abdul Rahman Hashim (former Inspector General of Police, 1974) and Tan Sri Koo Kong Chong (Perak Chief of Police, 1975). The Communist also tried to assassinate Tun Tan Cheng Lock before. They need to keep the nation to be unstable for the socialist communism agenda to be a success stories in Malaysia. But Malaysian keep their cool and strength through unity.

5. Then came the 13th of May 1969, everything's changed. We are not as united as before. Malaysia seems to be a very fragile nations with a chauvinist group waiting to take advantage on our diversity. We seems to be scared of our differences and seems to stepped back within the confines of homogeneity rather than explore the strength of diversity. And we stepped back further more to misunderstanding rather than negotiate ways of treasuring multiculturalism, as I will explain later in my next writing.

to be continue...

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