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Tuesday, 7 February 2012

Amazing Thailand

Teddy at Maya Bay

8 January 2012 - It's another year again for me, as we move into the year of 2012, life couldn't be this exciting for me. A lot of things have change throughout the year, and I'm very proud to say that it changed for the better. I can feel the blessing of God descends upon me each day as we discover this exciting year. Life has been very good to me as always.

2. I would like to share with you about my experience travelling to Thailand that I made at the end of 2011. It was such an exhilarating and fantastic encounter taking into account I never went to Thailand before. It got into me that Amazing Thailand tagline suits the tourism campaign for that country. It was truly is an amazing place. Through my travel, I cannot help but notice that Thailand was full of beautiful, warm, soft and smiling peoples. The women are fantastic, beautiful, grace loving warm heart that would just amaze and captures your fascinations. They are truly the true definition of beautiful peoples.

3. I spend a couple of days travelling and discovering Thailand. My journey changed me completely to a better man. It is true the saying goes "as far as you can go, just go and discover the true meaning of life". I did just that and I'm grateful of the gift given to me by God. Truly is God loves me and He loves me very much.

4. One of the places that I went was Phi-phi Island. Almost seven years after the Tsunami devastation, the island was truly is an amazing place. The beaches, the warm sunny day, the food and it's vibrant ambiance just captures me deep down inside I'm feeling like jumping like a toddler having a go at the first swim. I have fall in love with the place if not all the women there. Ha ha.. :-)

5. Phi-phi Island was devastated after the 2004 tsunami. Whats amazed me that the place was rebuilt back by the worldwide volunteers through the funds donated by the world community. As I went there, I know the reasons why they world love Phi-phi. It as a remarkable place, this is the place where everyone just left a piece of their heart permanently as their second home. The efforts done by the world volunteers to rebuilt the place deserved a salutation by everyone. Now the Island is running at its highest gear, and boy do they deserve an excellent testimonials.

6. I also spend my time touring Phuket. My visit to two of the Buddhist wat changed my perceptions towards Buddhism. It was a religion of grace and humbleness. The way the humble monks speaks and greets me, and the way they respect me (not to mention the level of the wat cleanliness) is what we should emulates in our daily life. On my way back, I cannot help but think that you need to respect everything in life, basically everything. From mother nature, the places that you live and work, people around you, things that you owned, just everything. It opened up my mind to a lot of things. How do you deal or interact with peoples around you, how do you respect others and how do you stay humble. This is the reason why most of the Thais that I met were soft spoken and graceful . Not just the Thai women of course. They are gracious people.

7. I also have the opportunity to observe the international community having a great time in Phuket. They are so far forward than us in Malaysia. I can conclude that we are still 50 years if not 80 to be in the same civilized league as they are. This is the first time I was surrounded by an international people, having chat, discuss about life and the true meaning of everything. I observed how they carry themselves and their definition of great life. The way for ones to start a conversation, having a good time, singing the song of our life and respect our years ahead just encapsulates me with the feeling that this is life should be. This is how do we treasure life and pursuit respectable ambitions. 

8. I surely will be back soon, coz I just left a big piece of my heart there. We will never be as graceful warm like Thailand coz we are so besets by prejudices about the gift of our own life. Life in Malaysia nowadays seems to be very  complicated and full of religion narrow minded people. How we have regress this far and why I can't never tell. But it worries me coz we are not as simple as we used to be before. Back to Thailand then, Thailand just amazed me, it changed me to a new person if not better one than the previous 2011 and how I adore the country so much. Love!! love!! love!! empathy and respect. Amazing Thailand! 

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