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Thursday, 24 May 2012

Gunung Raya, Langkawi

Teddy at the peak of Gunung Raya overlooking the west coast of Langkawi
I went up the peak of Gunung Raya in Langkawi on my second day at the island. My good friend Tuan Shahruddin brought me, Luqman and Syukri for an intrinsic visit at the highest peak of the island. I never went up to Gunung Raya before, just merely looking at the car windows whenever I commute between Padang Matsirat and Kuah Town. I guess it was my lucky day as Tuan Shahruddin pursuant to be troubled by my request as we strengthen our friendship since 2009. He has been my mentor since I knew him during my Tourism days.
Teddy and at the background the cabinet house
I was told that, during Tun Mahathir time as the Prime Minister of Malaysia, he once brought up the whole cabinet ministers for a meeting at the Gunung Raya peak. Perhaps with the intentions of seeding some perspectives towards his cabinet ministers of how great the island is with it's vast potentials. I guess it doesn't work much as the old man seems to be too visionary for a 20th Century ministers. We took the same road that lead to the Galeria Perdana and the junction heading to the peak is just besides Galeria Perdana.

Luqman near the small resevoir of the waterfalls
It was quite a long ride as we head up to the peak. Along the way we saw a small waterfall just beside the quiet road. Tuan Shahruddin stop by so that we can taste and feel the freshness and coolness of its reservoir. As we arrived at the peak, we can see a magnificent view of the whole island be it overlooking the Kuah Town or the Padang Matsirat area. The air is so cool and as the dusk wind blow upon us, I felt like I was in overseas as the winds are cooler then Genting Highland breeze. It was really a lovely spectacle especially as the sun sets down over the west coast area.

View overlooking Kuah Town
Me and at the background view overlooking Padang Matsirat 
However, I was rather disappointed to see that at the peak, the main building were not so lively with tourist as we are told that it hasn't been develop and innovate as a unique tourism products for the tourist and very much neglected. Looking at the abandoned restaurant and the empty resorts, I guess LADA hasn't been doing a very good job compared to the potentials of the place and it's unique location. I took some photos and perhaps my viewers can appreciate it as much as we does. As we descend the peak, I went back to my hotel with very much criticism upon LADA in my head.

Quiet resort

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Faces of Tun Teddy