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Tuesday, 8 May 2012

My visit to Gemas farm

Teddy under the green house fertigation system for Cili Kulai

9th May 2012 - I visited one of the many agro farms located in the heart of Negeri Sembilan. I always believe that for Malaysian to venture into high end farmings it should be done with the help of high technology. By investing into such scheme, it will help in maximizing the quality of the products and also the quantity of yields per acre (total capitalism concepts).

Malaysia is a blessed country, receiving a high density of rain, ample sunlight with high quality of top soil that can be turn into a high tech farming activities. The market for these agro products will be more opened perhaps with the free trade agreements signed by Malaysia and other countries. Malaysian should see foreign market as a motivating factor to get involved with agro industries.

That's starfruit trees three more years for first harvesting
And as the country keeps developing and growing with the handsome of total household incomes everymonths, we would see more demands for luxury food items such as starfruit, dragon fruit, jackfruit and top quality vegetables that can be marketed. Not to mention the rise of agro tourism among the well off citizens. Certainly agro industries in this country has never been this exciting. 


Anonymous said...

Hello Teddy, greetings. I saw your blog regarding your visit to a chilli fertigation farm in Negri Sembilan. Can you let me which farm it is and if you can let me know the contact person and contact number there. Many thanks, Eric

Please reply to:ericchhoa@gmail.com

adam said...

hi teddy,

i'm looking for a chilli farm for a documentary shoot. i believe there's one in n.sembilan. can you provide me the contact details of the farm there. do email me at markadnee@gmail.com

many thanks

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Faces of Tun Teddy