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Sunday, 6 May 2012

Volunteerism and self satisfaction

Me in Port Dickson
6 May 2012 - I was given a rare opportunity today to get involve into an event organized between Ministry of Tourism and the National Service Dept where we try to inculcate the importance of volunteerism work among our youth for community work. It was great since I have the opportunity to meet my close friends from Tourism. 

Pulau Burung with magnificent mangroves trees photos taken at sunset by me

It was truly is a great experience as a one day Deyjay. Meeting younger youth of cohorts with lots of vigor and energy for community work just completes your day. Even though at the early hour it was raining heavily, but that doesn't stop us from having a great day cleaning the whole beach and come noon it was perfect with lots of fun and enjoyable activities. I arrived a day early for the program and Port Dickson beach was full of local tourists camping near the beach. And there is this beautiful pier newly developed by the state government between Pantai Cahaya and Pulau Burung. It is a must visit place. I will post some of the photos later as soon as I got it from my friend Afzan.

The concert held by the Ministry of Tourism for the visitors yesterday bring a lot of memories back especially from the day I was involved organizing it. I was really happy to see my close friends back, Lin, Syafik, Zuhairi, Wafa and all just cemented deeply my love to MOTOUR. The were asking the same question again and again of when will I be back? I guess the answer is clearly written on my forehead.

Teddy with younger cousins and staff at one of the Wat in Tumpat

The day before I went to Port Dickson, I was invited by the Ministry of Agriculture for the ceremony of Prime Minister officiating the Rural Transformation Centre in Kelantan. I also manage to find time visiting the city of Tumpat and many of the wat for the Siamese Buddhist there. I guess there is so many of the tourism products that can be develop in Kelantan, but none in the political will dept.

Will post some of the photos from my visit later.

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Faces of Tun Teddy