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Tuesday, 18 September 2012

The good values of Abe Yie

My cousins, Abe Yie and me during the second day of Eid 2012

Actually I've been meaning to write something about my good friend Abe Yie. I just don't know how to pen my thoughts. Looking for the right words and phrases as I'm afraid that I might portrayed less than what I really should on the good values of this man.

I've known Abe Yie for years, since the day when I was in Tourism. A good friend of mine Dian introduce me to him. Ever since our relationship is close as ever, more like a brother. His real name is Mohd Sulhi and at that time he works in the Dept of Custom in Port Klang. Abe Yie probably the Malay enigmatic figures that are close to extinction or maybe colloquial to the most cliche Malays proverbs ever given to a Malay man, "lelaki Melayu Kelantan terakhir". His interest is the Dikir Barat (Kelantan folk songs) which he enjoys very much writing the songs himself and composing the music. He also plays the gendang ibu (musical instrument) and others traditional musical instruments mostly for dikir barat performance.

I respect this guy so much. In a way he taught me that life is doing something that you really love doing, and do it with full honesty. Honesty is the word. It hit straight to your heart. Abe Yie taught me to never be afraid of taking risk for something that you love doing. He also taught me that life is all about colors and uniqueness in oneself that created the zen of life. If you dare enough to dream, go and realize it. When you do something, do with full honesty.

Abe Yie now no longer works for the Custom Dept. He took an early option to concentrate fully on his career which is dikir barat performance. Most of his friends taught that he has gone mad by unravel the complacency of working in the government services. But he went ahead throwing away the safety net just to chase a dream. Currently Abe Yie is attached with Astro often performs for the Warna channel - Karoot Komedia X. His show is also nominated for the Asia's most authentic show (portraying local culture). But more often you will hear him says that all the efforts are not his alone, more by learning from the great maestro Sabri Yunus in script writing and choreographing a performance. But I know he contributes a lot in it.

Every now and then he invited me to watch him perform at Finas studio, Hulu Klang. He also told me he's been getting a lot of performance offers either local or international. Looking at him now, you can clearly see the happiness on his face most of it during his dikir barat performance. I always joke with him that his face looks brighter and happier whenever I saw him on TV with that authentic smiles, he replied that he did something that he loves and it shows naturally. What more important to him is that his fight to bring back the glory days of dikir barat looks bright.

Last raya I brought my little cousins to visit Abe Yie at his house in Pasir Mas. I was trying to inculcate to my younger cousins that if you have a dream, go and follow it and make it happen. No matter how stupid people might think of you, but you dare to dream it ends by doing it. Do something that you really love doing most and follow the good values of Abe Yie. Then success will follow you. I know Abe Yie can be more than he is now, I just know. 

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suesue said...

I would prefer to have no money but to have a nice family and good friends around :)

May Allah grant your good friend,Abe Yie a long,illustrious life filled of accolades and achievements exceeding all his hopes and dreams..amin


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