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Thursday, 28 March 2013

Love and faith

Teddy in the Philippines
Life is funny sometimes for me. You'll never know where it will leads you. I've been planning all my life, but I realized that God always has a better plan for me. There are times when I keep to question my faith and if there really is Him looking down on me, or is it just me being unlucky on certain things. And then when I take time to re look back in retrospects and see whats really transpired on every detail of my life I knew it is not a coincidence. And now, I will leave it all to God. What really makes you happy? Lots of money? Title for oneself? Beautiful women besides you? That is not a guarantee for a meaningful and wonderful life. At least not for me. My life so far has been wondrous. I already feel content with what all I got. I think God loves me too much. I was having a conversation with my close friend the other day, I asked him why God won't let me decides on the things for my life? Why he decides it all and me just merely living the life He has arranged? What does He really wants from me? My friends answered it accurately - God wants me to put all my trust wholeheartedly to Him and not to anyone else. I shall do that from now on.

My life is beautiful and full of surprises. Who would have thought that love would lead me to the Philippines. This is my moment. My age is relative, and my happiness depended upon on how I treat people. My idol will always be the likes of Rocky Balboa. I want to grow old loving someone, cherish the love that are showered upon me and continue to be bless by God. I want to do things that makes me happy, and continues to help peoples in any way I could.

Teddy in Mindanao, the Philippines
So far I've been blessed. I've met wonderful peoples, seeing the cuteness and the innocence of a child in their eyes and at the receiving end of their trust and loves. Where ever I went to, I've been greeted with pure respects and trust, honesty and love. I'm aware and do realized that I'm living a very promising life. If this is not a blessing from God, I don't know what that is. But I believe God continues to test me by holding back certain things which I longed the most. And this is perhaps the testing time for me in cemented my faith towards Him. He might be looking down on me and smiling as I'm writing this post, but I know He loves me. It's just like a father love towards their kids, they might be too protected sometimes, but it's for their kids own good. And the kid might not seeing this yet.. One day he will.

Faces of Tun Teddy

Faces of Tun Teddy