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Sunday, 23 June 2013


Teddy in Cebu City
Life is really gorgeous when you see the purpose in it. I lost my father when I was 16 years old. Please don't feel sorry for me as I'm not the only orphans in the world that lost his father by that age. I don't really know my father. By that phrase, I don't practically share anything with him. I went away from home for boarding schools by the age of 13 years old and my father spent all his life working outstation away from home only visited us during weekends. Don't get the wrong ideas, my father is a loyal husband and loves my mother so much. It just happens that God writes his life that he need to sacrifice certain things in life for the benefits of the family. That's how our father showered us with love, by sacrificing his life and what he wants most for the good of the family. I happens to stumbles upon his loves letter to my mother that she kept really well since her USM years.

Orphans is a very strong words and a mighty destiny. Me and my father doesn't really share anything on life. He never read me books before sleeps or discuss any football matters or any outdoor activities such as fishing which I want to make up with my own kids if I ever have any. He remains reclusive from my life during our weekends encounter but that doesn't mean he doesn't loves me. My father doesn't talk much, he just loves to stare and watch me while I'm drifted into my own imagination when I was a young kid. I still remember the day when I was 10 years old that we had an argument over the phone coz I need to finish building kites for my school project, he went home to help me that evening even he was busy with works at the first place. My father never fail to answer my prayers even he didn't show that he will at the first place.

That's all about the memories that I remembers about my father and me and some boring stuff about him that reminds me that I don't want to be an average man like he is. He is a mystery man, different from all of his brothers and always kept things for himself. He never tell me anything even when he was suffering from a very bad cancer on the last evening I saw him at the hospital. Deep down inside me, I knew he was staring at me at that hospital balcony as if he was thinking for the very last time that he will ever saw me again. Pondering of what will happens to me if God calls on him. I regret that moment for the rest of my life. I still do..

But life seems to be going on well to me. God took my father but He took my father place instead of giving it to somebody else or left it vacant. Ever since, I reckon our family have been taken care really well by God himself. The love is still the same. Both my father and God kinda acted the same. They doesn't talk much, but you know they are there watching and protects us. It's only us that have to pay attention over the details that He has been making. Things are never less for us and turn out real fine. We have been living a wonderful life despite a very hard first five years. The loves showed continues to bless us to this day. Honestly, I couldn't be where I am if it's not because of Him taking a good care over my life. It ain't logic that I am the man who I am if it's not because of His protection. Even from my own weaknesses.

I can summarize, the father love is something aren't left to be said but merely felt. A father will always protect us no matter what, even how childish we can be and how old we are turning, coz a father love is infinite.. He will always be there silently watching and come to our protection when it is needed. There is nothing pure than the loves of a father. He loves us because the love of a father is pure. He will avoid conflicts for any disagreement with us, but he will maintain to protect us even from our own self. Sometimes he will let us to go about our own way but stop us when He thinks we are endangering ourselves. I am very blessed, when God took my father away, He took over the place Himself instead of sending somebody else or left it vacant. We never felt any shortcomings over losing our father, but we do miss him everyday. I know I will always be protected by Him. Because He is my father now.. and I loves Him so much.

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