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Sunday, 2 June 2013

My body and ageing

I notice lately that my body is changing with my age growing older. I never felt this kind of changes before with my own body. This is the first time in my life that I'm reactive to my own body changes. I guess this is what you feel when growing old. When I was in the university years and school period, I always thought that the sky is the limit. Thus I went to do a lot of outdoor activities either with friends or by my own self, punishing my body to the limit. I was very thin then, and with the heights of 1.72 meters back then put me in a worrisome condition with the weight of 55 kg. That's truly underweight with BMI of 19 and less. But my worrisome were shrugged of by the UPM Health Clinic doctor that told me not to worry too much as it was normal for a 22 year old teenager as the weight will start to build up itself with me getting old and established. How true that was and I'm forever indebted to his vision over me. He reminded me not to worry too much and try to look at P. Ramlee when he was young, scrawny and thin fella at the start of his career. P. Ramlee later built weight throughout his career life. That doctor's advice I kept to this day. He was my regular physician that I consulted almost every month while I was at UPM, plus my friend Megat who was at that time have to do dialysis everyday was also a patient of that doctor. Free consultation for my health. Once again, how blessed I am (still counting).

During my university years, my body doesn't really respond to any of the punishment that I put it on. As I told you before, I went to do a lot of physical activities and my most favorite one was jogging every Saturday morning running uphills around the university with much length of miles. I still remember Ady always accompany me for the jogging but he was riding the motorcycles instead of running with me. He's in it for the ladies. He is a teacher now in Sg. Besar, Selangor and doing quite alright now. It doesn't effect me at all with all that physical punishment I challenged myself, my body seems to heal fast. But things are little bit different now, I'm prone to muscle fatigue and bruises after physical workout. I guess that comes with ageing. Nowadays after heavy jogging and workout, I'll end up nursing my bruises with ice, but I'm quite alright about it. That's the fact of life, like rocky said, "just keep punching." I love Rocky Balboa, he has been my role model and inspiration since I was in High School. I just want to be as noble and as good as he is. Happy and content with healthy body and mind.. and a very good heart.

Those days, I'm not worried anything about my dietary. I always thought that I'm invincible, and I take everything for consumption and still I do not gain any weight. I'll stuff anything just to gain the ideal weight with little less regard for it's effect. Still it doesn't work out. For a 22 years old boy with such heights, you tend to be very worried about your weight coz you'll look very lean and unattractive for the ladies. That's normal when your hormones and maturity starts to ripen. I develops a problems for acne too, that was really worse. But it's the rite of passage for me. I tried everything at that time, protein whey, vitamins, supplements, you name it. Still it doesn't work. But again, my personal doctor confided me not to worry too much. One of the  physical trainers in INTAN when I just enter the public service, he did suggest me to go for gym work out but I was quite naive and immature then. What's gym for when you can just eat and increase your weight. How stupid I am at that time. Luckily I'm not a smoker, I never was and never have any slights interest in smoking. On that part I'm truly blessed. That keeps my lungs very fresh and healthy till this day. But, I start to realize that my body tend to be more reactive and sensitive towards physical activities when I'm climbing to the age of 30s. Now at the  age of 29 years old, I have achieved 72 kg with that weight keeps on fluctuating with the kind of life pressure I'm facing. That's 23 index for my BMI. My blood pressure reading is 115/ 55. My doctor told me that reading was low because I lives an active life and should maintain it that way. Now, I need to be more careful and sensitive with my body changes and also the things that I eat. I try to avoid soft drinks and sodas. I won't gain weight easy coz my metabolism is still high,  but I need to avoid the unnecessary risk of heart attack and depression.

I guess all of my family members have that high rate of metabolism. If you look at my younger sisters they are lean. They think a lot too. We are family of thinkers and thus our metabolism rate are through the roof. I read a lot, and during the night before sleeps, my mind will ponder over the things that I've read during day time and sometimes to my life shortcomings over work matters and relationship life. Like now, I'm still thinking about the book written by Harper Lee - To Kill a Mockingbird even  it's been a week after I finish reading it. That's the level of my thinking. Nowadays, when ever I went to do some physical activities I will take my own time for stretching and warming up before I even start of any exercise. It does helps in mitigating any problems of muscles bruises and shin splinters. But I still love to punish my body to the limit with high rate of physical activities. Sometimes ends me up with a back pain that need a nursing of a professional massage or for a pills or two of muscle pain tablets. That is me being me. I love my body and I'm blessed to see the changes coming.

My favourite sports still is tennis, running, out door activities and gym work out. I like gym activities so much coz it gives me chances of building up my body to the level of confidence meeting peoples. By being an avid gym goers, you tend to be sensitive to your body changes more and fussy about your dietary too. You'll be concern about the lack of changes with the surrounding fellas giving you encouragement. I made a lot of friends too. Gym works out taught me to be patient and challenging. I'm lucky by the age of 29, I'm now have a high awareness of my own body health. I hope this habits of healthy life will remains for the rest of my life. Being here in the Philippines also gave me more time and chances to train myself. I am real blessed as me being here are surrounded by many of the army PT trainers from Brunei that kept encourage me to keep fit with some tips of maintaining good healthy body. I'm not vying for any athletic types of body figure, just the right shape of healthy body and shrewd mental thinking. More importantly is that I'm happy and energetic all the time. I'm blessed!

That's me and my trainer Archie.. helluva great guy! We will built more muscle that's for sure! :)

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