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Visit Malaysia
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Tuesday, 29 September 2015


Singapore City Hall Building

I love Singapore! What more can I say, discovering Singapore is like discovering fire to me considering of how much I love colonial history. Not to sound a little bit off, but it fits perfectly into my preferential reading on the subject of the old Malaya history. From the long walks of the old city street and experiential tour amid the evening breeze near the Fullerton Hotel, everything just perfectly make sense. 

The only closest experience between me and Singapore before I took the journey to walk down the city street were only through P. Ramlee's films, books by the classic English novelists and maybe a promise made between me and someone that went unfulfilled. Going to the 30 years of age, it was considered quite late for me to visit this city, but all is good and I got nothing to complain. I wasn't that privileged kid to easily travels around via air tickets to places, but like I said when God commands everything is all good. I can't complain over God's work.

Me doing the Raffles pose at Raffles Place
Singapore is one of the cleanest and safest city that I've ever traveled to among cities in the world. Gone all the glory of the former British Colony but the city remains un-compromised in every way.  I think it is the best city in the Southeast Asian region after Kuala Lumpur (and I have traveled quite a lot). The ever efficient public transport and the best structured urban planning will makes you to just love the place and make your life easy to go around. No wonder Singaporean are proud of their city. 

What I do love most was taking strolls along the Boat Quay area and the Fort Canning park [they said Singapore botanical garden is also beautiful, it shall be my next destination to visit]. The feelings are very calm and meaningful for someone that loves nature and self reflection alone moment like me. You can also understand well the historical connection between the current city state and during the colonial heyday in the early 20th Century. Although much of the Raffles Place area were rebuilt from ground up, but there are still that old charming milieu for you to feel. Plus that beautiful evening around the old administration building just mesmerized you for a wonderful time out with friends over a drinks at the old parliament house.

Fort Canning
Fort Canning
Fort Canning

Singapore has that wonderfully charming feeling almost as similar to the old Malaya and it's been very well preserved. The cultural melting pot of the inter religious and multi racial society that build the city. The evening airs around the main street still captures the wonderful experience of an old port city especially at the Boat Quay and Raffles Place. Although most of the main area that was once full with traders on a Chinese Junk and small boats have all now been reclaimed as the new commercial area, but I feel that vibes whenever I spend my time walking around the old city street. I did visit the city during the Singapore Grand Prix, and it was an awesome experience merited a return visit during the event despite the rocketing lodging prices around the main city.

Me at Kampung Gelam
Raffles Place
Singapore has that vibes and creative juice just waiting to be tapped by peoples that visited the city. No wonder all the great novelist from the British colonial time wrote a very good books. P. Ramlee during his time produced the best of arts be it songs or films during the Jalan Ampas Studio era. I believe the vibes and milieu of the Singapore city state itself contributes much to the creatives ideas for a man to produce a high work of arts. I did visited the Jalan Ampas Studio and it was a super experience seeing the old buildings where P. Ramlee make greats films. I can't help it, I'm a big fans!
Me and Wak Hogan at Studio Jalan Ampas

The city has the best of art-greco colonial architecture buildings in all the Southeast Asian Cities that I've ever went to. I believe one of the best building in this region is the Singapore City Hall and it's High Court building. It's unique architecture is unequaled to any of the 20th Century building that I've ever visited. Whenever I stands near the cricket field looking towards the City Hall and High Court building, the feeling is so mesmerizing and overwhelming. It was such a beautiful building indeed. Maybe I'm too of a historian freak to re-liven the old days, by walking at the old street brings back everything that I've read about Singapore and Malaya old history as if you can see whats happening throughout the century passing through it.

Fullerton Hotel
New World old gate

I made that long walk at the infamous Serangoon road area. The place was quite clean nowadays considering of how challenged it was in the early 1950s with all the vices activities and secret societies. That ambiance of the The New World Amusement Park where cabaret was at its heyday.. I can still feel the vibes of the good old days walking in Serangoon road area. Although not much was left except the gate, but I can re-liven the good old days by standing there. Like I said, it's all makes sense. 

That's the bridge from Madu Tiga

Studio Jalan Ampas
I've been meaning to visit the Malay Film Production old office of where P. Ramlee made all of his hits movies. The feeling was overwhelming. I met the caretaker of the place by the name Wak Hogan, he is such a friendly and a very nice man. He shared old stories about the place and let us to see around the compound. I even visited the Madu Tiga bridge. The good news is that Singapore government will turn the area as a heritage site. Good riddance indeed, as the place needs its deserve recognition. It's where the Malays films industry first started. I love the place so much, as it was very calming for me. I pray that Allah will shower the soul of P. Ramlee and all those that ever worked there with grace and love in the afterlife. 

Jalan Ampas

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